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Planning for the forthcoming Three Sided Football World Cup is now almost concluded. The dates are confirmed as the weekend of 23rd to 25th May. There will be a conference held at Museum Jorn on the Friday – with the tournament itself taking place on the Saturday. Museum Jorn have sent out the formal invitations.

jorn invite

The Full Schedule will be as follows:

Friday 23rd May

am – arrive Silkeborg

pm – Symposium at Museum Jorn in the Cobra Room. “Implementing the Triloectic. Asger Jorn & Three Sided Football”

2.30. Audience and speakers gather at the museum
3.00. Introduction by Museum Jorn and Symposium mediator Fabian Tompsett. (who organised the first game of three sided football in Glasgow in 1994)
3.15. – 5.15. Presentation of papers
Fabian Tompsett. London Psychogeographical Association. A translator of Jorn and a specialist in situationist game strategy. “Situationist gaming & Three Sided Football”
Mark Dyson. Founder of the London Three Sided Football League, player manager for D3FC and member of WNLA (Workshop for Non-Linear Architecture) from 1992 -1996. Paper entitled “Organising Spontaneity – Triolectics in Action.
Geoff Andrews. Manager and Organiser of Philosophy Football FC, writer and educator. Paper entitled “The philosophers have only interpreted the game – the point is to change it. Jorn, Marx and modern football” Philippe Zerr. Previous member of French situationist/psychogeographical group Pied La Biche, director of the Triolectique films about three sided football. Will present a film about three sided football in France in 2009-2011
Redas Dirzys (DAMTP): Smash Psychic Slavery with Triolectics! [on the experience of applying 3SF in various venues of ‘serious culture’]
Chris Collier (Strategic Optimism) Three’s a Crowd or, Now our Grids are Triangular – Art, Politics and Triolectical Football

5.15. Open questions

6.00. End of symposium.

DAMTP. Identity. Class.small

Saturday 24th May

am – tour of Museum for any participants who wish to attend

pm – Tournament 2.00. Initial matches.

Three games played in conjunction and consisting of 3No 20 minute rotations.

Game 1 (teams A.B.C). Game 2 (teams D.E.F). Game 3 (teams G.H.I).

Teams selected by random lots.

Teams are:

D3FC (Temporary Autonomous Republic of Deptford)
Philosophy Football FC (British team)
Philosophy Football FC (European team)
Polscy Budowlancy (Poland)
Dynamo Windrad (Germany)
AS Minguettes (France). (3SF double French champions ‘2010 & ‘2011)
Silkeborg (Denmark)
Ayazma (Turkey)
Alytus DAMTP (Lithuania)

4.00. Final Matches.

Game 1. The winners of each heat will meet in the final. Again 3No twenty minute rotations. Game will be overseen by Mayor of Silkeborg.

Game 2. The second placed teams from the initial matches will play each other

Game 3. The third placed teams from the initial matches will play each other

5.30. Award of participants medals and the World Cup.

7.00 Dinner.

Sunday 25th May

am. The museum will be organising a tour of the local area called “in the footsteps of Jorn” for any participants who wish to attend

12.00 An impromptu game of Constraint Football will be held amongst the trees in the local parkland around the museum for any participants who wish to play. This will be in the spirit of the games held in the Alytus pine forests and Istanbul Taksim Square.

End of tournament.

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