omphallic capture

3SF at the Anti- University. 3.00pm Mudchute Park. Saturday Nov 21




A workshop in practical triolectics, comprising an introduction to the triolectical system of Situationist artist Asger Jorn, conducted via the medium of three-sided football.
Jorn rejected transactional modes of knowledge transfer, favouring experimental activity. A supporter of the Situationist Bauhaus in Sweden, he believed such experiments fundamental to both psychic and social revolution. Underpinning Jorn’s approach was his unique ‘triloectical’ system. Developing upon dialectics and quantum physics, it went beyond linear transfers of energy, constructing spatio-temporal fields of possibility and negotiation. Not oppositional but superpositional – contradictions resolved by blending multiple simultaneous potentialities.

As a practical pedagogical exploration of the triolectical system, three-sided football stands in continuity with the aims of the AntiUniversity’s original protagonists, such as Jorn’s fellow ex-situationist, Alex Trocchi. The game has formerly been played at locations of psychogeographical significance around the world – from a forest at the centrepoint of Europe, to Taksim Square, to inside a Soviet fuel silo, to a druidic stone circle. This time we have selected the significant, if little known undulating terrain surrounding the Omphalos of the British Empire – constructed in the 16th Century by John Dee – as part of an ongoing campaign towards the psychogeographical unbinding of Eurocentric topological thought.

Strategic Optimism Football was founded in 2013 from the auto-dissolution of the University for Strategic Optimism, to work for the practical and theoretical advancement of triolectics. It recently contributed to constructing a patapositional supercollider at the geographical centre-point of Europe.

The Luther Blissett Deptford League was founded in 2012, by former members of the Workshop for Non-Linear Architecture. Besides its regular fixtures, it supports numerous international tournaments, including the 1th Three-Sided World Cup (Denmark, 2014).

This event is kindly supported by Academy of Practical Triolectics and Xenotopian Navigation, D3FC, New Cross Triangle Psychogeographical Association and Federation Internationale Autonome des Situationnistes Contemporaine.(FIASCO)


To book:
 Contact for information and to confirm attendance, or just turn up.



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