Game 5


The long awaited monstering finally takes place!

Without any previous alliance having been agreed, a beleaguered red team faced a sustained ten man blue and yellow onslaught which lasted the whole of the first rotation. Partly due to a careless defence, but perhaps also to the team having few experienced three siders, every time either yellow or blue took possession the direction of attack turned relentlessly in the direction of the red goal. Scores going into the first break sat at an incredulous 6.1.1 and it was with some trepidation that the red players retook the pitch for the second period. Would the unplanned assault continue or would an (expected) rebalancing begin to occur?

Early probing runs on the red goal began immediately after kick off but an invigorated red defensive line soaked up the pressure to such an extent that the inevitable blue yellow face off began to materialise. By midway through the third, each team had leaked only a single goal as defensive focus was well attuned. With the red team becoming more accustomed to the nature of play however a calculated and deliberate attempt to force an alliance with a hesitant yellow contingent gradually began to take effect such that by the end of the middle third the scores had resettled at 7.4.2.

The yellow team, as would be expected, began the final rotation in a defensive mood – thoroughly expecting a red blue alliance to try and reduce their advantage. Much to the surprise of the blue team however, and to their evident frustration, red confirmed their alliance with yellow and used the growing annoyance amongst the blue team to try to level themselves out. But two goals later, at 7.6.2, a misplaced pass was picked up by a yellow bluff who turned on red and won a man on man sprint with an isolated goalie.

At last the blue appeals to red were heeded and both teams, with less than ten minutes remaining, set out to try and level the tally. This was the first time in the game that yellow had even faced a joint blue red strike, never mind one of the cohesive ferocity which now materialised. Four goals were shipped in as many minutes and at 8.6.6 the game was rapidly reaching its denouement. Could blue or yellow sink a final goal in one of each others goals to clinch the game? A frantic final thirty seconds saw a penetrating blue attack on the yellow goal frustrated by a fine save. A long ball then thrown from the yellow goalie towards the blue penalty area was picked up by an unmarked red winger who ran straight at the blue goal and shot a fine volley between the outstretched fingers of the blue goalie and the left post.

8.7.6. Yellow victory – what a cracker! This was certainly the most enjoyable and exciting game to date. It gets better all the time.

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