15/16 Fixtures

Fixtures for this season were drawn at random before the first match and came out as follows:15:16 fixtures

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The 15/16 Season starts Sunday 6th Sept

The end of the summer break and once again its time to pit your wits against the raging of the triolectic.
New season is this Sunday – same place same time – 2.00pm at Deptford Green on Fordham Park.
As last season – we are going to randomly allocate teams to the letter system of fixtures just before kick off to determine who will face who during the season ahead.
For any of you who missed developments over the summer, there has been some excellent experimental games:
The Midsummer Game – at the setting of the sun over the Hilly Fields Stone Circle on 21st June – was played as “football non-stop”, with a boundary less pitch – the ball being deemed never to have left the field of play. Team Morgiel took the honours 19:22:22. Further news at http://xsportiv.com/london-summer-solstice-sunset-game-of-three-sided-football/311065
In August, Chris from SOFC and Mark from D3FC attended the Psychik Art Strike Biennale in Alytus Lithuania and presented two papers on Three Sided Football and the League – as well as organising a triple superimposition game – combining three games (three balls) into one super match (27 players in nine teams) on three partially intersecting hexagons – all situated deep in a pine forest. A fascinating experiment – producing a totally unexpected dynamic to play – Match report available soon. http://www.alytus.lt/documents/10180/9649784/6-oji%20Alytaus%20psichomeno%20streiko%20bienalė%202015%20m.jpg?t=1439287263446

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New season gets underway

The 2014/2015 season kicked off yesterday at Deptford Green. This season takes the three sided football experiment to its natural next stage – playing a regular set of six teams in a league format with full fixtures and an evolving league table. The league will be called the Luther Blissett London League – and the Luther Blissett Trophy will be awarded by the man himself on the final day.

Towards the end of last season turn out had reached an average of 30 players – with an amazing 41 coming along to play in our final game. As we had started regularly playing across two pitches the time felt right to move from the free for all, one off games of previous seasons to the experimental rigour of fixed teams. How this would alter the flavour of play had been a regular topic of conversation – and the opportunity to put it to the test had at last arrived.

By playing across the two pitches we had already subdivided ourselves into six teams – though participation had been a fluctuating affair. At the conclusion of the final game, the forty players present were distributed equally across the six. From now on players would be part of a regular team. Would the game dynamic move from the self levelling balancing act we had seen before to one in which the positional imperative of the table might create and cement more durable alliances?

At the recent world cup in Denmark (attended by Polscy, PFFC and D3FC)  – and about which more later – the scoring and organisation of the table was hotly debated. Do we count goals for as well as against? Do we invert points so the least are awarded for the best results? The system was gradually honed over the last couple of weeks and on Sunday afternoon, before the first games kicked off – the following was agreed:

In keeping with Three Sided Football’s principle of allocating victory to the team which concedes the fewest goals, there will be no points for a win, one point for coming second and two points for conceding the most. If a game is fully drawn (e.g. all teams conceded an equal amount of goals), a single point will be allocated to each. If  there is a winning draw (e.g. two teams concede the same amount and the third concedes more) then a single point will be awarded to the drawn teams and two to the one which conceded the most. If there is a losing draw (e.g. two teams concede the same amount and the third concedes less) then two points will be awarded to the drawn teams and no points to the team which conceded the fewest and thus won the game.

Points allocated on the basis of the above will form the principal method of ranking the teams. Total goals conceded will form the secondary method of ranking the teams and in case these two ranking methods are unable to separate the teams, a goal difference – determined by subtracting goals scored (less own goals) from goals conceded – will form the third and final method of ranking.

The mathematics of a six team league mean that it takes twenty games for every permutation of the six to play equally against each other. Divided over the two pitches, this requires ten match days. We will therefore continue to play on the first Sunday of everyday month from September through to June – being the ten match days required.

A fixture list was drawn up to distribute the six teams as evenly as possible across these match days – with an attempt being made to ensure no two teams play against each other on more than three consecutive occasions. The fixtures were prepared on the basis of using letters (e.g. a b c d e & f) – rather than team names – to determine the arrangement – and on the day of the first matches, representatives of each team pulled out a letter from a bag containing one each of a b c d e and f. The letters on the fixtures list were thus transformed into actual games – and as you can see from the chart below – we began the season by playing Philosophy Football FC against Aesthetico Athletico against Polscy Budowlancy – and D3FC against New Cross Irregulars against Strategic Optimists FC.

Both games resulted in winning draws. The first rotation saw both Polscy and D3FC being hammered by an alliance of the two opposing teams – letting in three goals apiece. Careful defensive play saw both get back into the game as the original alliances splintered.  While the Poles were finally unable to find parity despite some excellent play, Deptford were gifted an unexpected winning draw through stout defensive play and measured assists. 14:15 Sept results The first table of the League Season therefore sees Aesthetico and Philosophy sharing honours at the top – separated by alphabetical advantage alone. New Cross take third following a deluge of goals scored during their game against D3FC and the Optimists. (Laurence Galpin being the striker to watch). Deptford take 4th place. Polscy and the Optimists take 5th and 6th position on 2 points. 14:15 table Following the recent article about Three Sided Football in Mainichi Shimbun in Japan, a TV news crew from Japanese Kansai TV came along to film the new season. Their intention is to introduce Three Sided Football to Japan in the hope of encouraging a Japanese team to enter the next World Cup in Germany in 2017. We will post a link to their film about the first games of the new season as soon as it is available.

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News from down under

Word reaches the Deptford League of the blooming of three sided football on the other side of the globe. Barnaby Chiverton reports from a windswept pitch in sunny Melbourne on the inaugural game on Aussie turf. Pythagoras 3FC v Athletic Geometry  v All Sartres


aussie 3sf


Follow the action at 


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Museum Jorn 3SF pitch

Images sent to us by Museum Jorn of the inaugural game on their very own three sided football pitch – permanently installed in the courtyard of the museum.

Hoping we’ll get to play on it in the forthcoming World Cup.

IMG_9087_Sorens foto

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World Cup Latest

Planning for the forthcoming Three Sided Football World Cup is now almost concluded. The dates are confirmed as the weekend of 23rd to 25th May. There will be a conference held at Museum Jorn on the Friday – with the tournament itself taking place on the Saturday. Museum Jorn have sent out the formal invitations.

jorn invite

The Full Schedule will be as follows:

Friday 23rd May

am – arrive Silkeborg

pm – Symposium at Museum Jorn in the Cobra Room. “Implementing the Triloectic. Asger Jorn & Three Sided Football”

2.30. Audience and speakers gather at the museum
3.00. Introduction by Museum Jorn and Symposium mediator Fabian Tompsett. (who organised the first game of three sided football in Glasgow in 1994)
3.15. – 5.15. Presentation of papers
Fabian Tompsett. London Psychogeographical Association. A translator of Jorn and a specialist in situationist game strategy. “Situationist gaming & Three Sided Football”
Mark Dyson. Founder of the London Three Sided Football League, player manager for D3FC and member of WNLA (Workshop for Non-Linear Architecture) from 1992 -1996. Paper entitled “Organising Spontaneity – Triolectics in Action.
Geoff Andrews. Manager and Organiser of Philosophy Football FC, writer and educator. Paper entitled “The philosophers have only interpreted the game – the point is to change it. Jorn, Marx and modern football” Philippe Zerr. Previous member of French situationist/psychogeographical group Pied La Biche, director of the Triolectique films about three sided football. Will present a film about three sided football in France in 2009-2011
Redas Dirzys (DAMTP): Smash Psychic Slavery with Triolectics! [on the experience of applying 3SF in various venues of ‘serious culture’]
Chris Collier (Strategic Optimism) Three’s a Crowd or, Now our Grids are Triangular – Art, Politics and Triolectical Football

5.15. Open questions

6.00. End of symposium.

DAMTP. Identity. Class.small

Saturday 24th May

am – tour of Museum for any participants who wish to attend

pm – Tournament 2.00. Initial matches.

Three games played in conjunction and consisting of 3No 20 minute rotations.

Game 1 (teams A.B.C). Game 2 (teams D.E.F). Game 3 (teams G.H.I).

Teams selected by random lots.

Teams are:

D3FC (Temporary Autonomous Republic of Deptford)
Philosophy Football FC (British team)
Philosophy Football FC (European team)
Polscy Budowlancy (Poland)
Dynamo Windrad (Germany)
AS Minguettes (France). (3SF double French champions ‘2010 & ‘2011)
Silkeborg (Denmark)
Ayazma (Turkey)
Alytus DAMTP (Lithuania)

4.00. Final Matches.

Game 1. The winners of each heat will meet in the final. Again 3No twenty minute rotations. Game will be overseen by Mayor of Silkeborg.

Game 2. The second placed teams from the initial matches will play each other

Game 3. The third placed teams from the initial matches will play each other

5.30. Award of participants medals and the World Cup.

7.00 Dinner.

Sunday 25th May

am. The museum will be organising a tour of the local area called “in the footsteps of Jorn” for any participants who wish to attend

12.00 An impromptu game of Constraint Football will be held amongst the trees in the local parkland around the museum for any participants who wish to play. This will be in the spirit of the games held in the Alytus pine forests and Istanbul Taksim Square.

End of tournament.

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February 2014 & FIFAtv.

Following the amazing response to the BBC film about D3FC (see last months post), our game in February was so well attended that we were able to set up two pitches side by side. D3FC, Philosophy A and Polscy played in one game and Strategic Optimists, Philosophy B and new team Athletico Aesthetico played in the other. News of our endeavours has even reached FIFA who asked whether they could come and watch three sided football being played and make a film about it. The resulting short documentary really captures the spirt of the game.

Strategic Optimists repeated their last minute victory in the January game with another slick performance – keeping a clean sheet to win 2.2.0 against Aesthetico and PFFC B, while the game between Polscy, D3FC and PFFC A was notable for the incredible defence Polscy put up in the final rotation.

The 3rd had started with Deptford down by a single goal – PFFC & the Poles sharing the lead 3.2.2. Shortly after the start of the final period a delightful deflection from the overhanging branches of the large Plane tree by the playground tricked the Philosophy goalie and the Poles took pole position. (Setting up two pitches has pushed us to the very edges of the park and the presence of trees is now an unavoidable feature).

Every element of gamesmanship was now deployed to keep the lead. Feigned injuries, repeatedly kicking the ball 100m out of touch, running to a far corner and holding the ball dead – you name it – it was tried and tested. Even with the ten, game hardened players of D3FC and Philosophy A, no gap could be found. The delirium of victory was palpable and as the whistle blew the Slavic Defence entered Three Sided Folklore.

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