The 15/16 Season starts Sunday 6th Sept

The end of the summer break and once again its time to pit your wits against the raging of the triolectic.
New season is this Sunday – same place same time – 2.00pm at Deptford Green on Fordham Park.
As last season – we are going to randomly allocate teams to the letter system of fixtures just before kick off to determine who will face who during the season ahead.
For any of you who missed developments over the summer, there has been some excellent experimental games:
The Midsummer Game – at the setting of the sun over the Hilly Fields Stone Circle on 21st June – was played as “football non-stop”, with a boundary less pitch – the ball being deemed never to have left the field of play. Team Morgiel took the honours 19:22:22. Further news at
In August, Chris from SOFC and Mark from D3FC attended the Psychik Art Strike Biennale in Alytus Lithuania and presented two papers on Three Sided Football and the League – as well as organising a triple superimposition game – combining three games (three balls) into one super match (27 players in nine teams) on three partially intersecting hexagons – all situated deep in a pine forest. A fascinating experiment – producing a totally unexpected dynamic to play – Match report available soon.ė%202015%20m.jpg?t=1439287263446

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