3SF World Cup (part 1)

vm jorn fodboldThis has been a bit of dream project for some time now. In fact ever since the  Deptford X tournament during the London Olympics in summer 2012 we have joked about the day when three sided football would become so popular that there would be a need for a World Cup.


After the Regents Park Rotorende the idea was raised again – and it got us thinking about the origins of the game within the situationist project – a project which has at its heart the desire to oppose the passivity of modern life within the capitalist spectacle by the concrete organisation of lived experience – of transforming dreams into candid reality through direct action. So we had to ask – why dream of the day when a world cup would be possible when all it takes is for us to organise one ourselves – right here – right now.


But what should such a World Cup be – where would it happen – who would play? And as we were speculating on these essential issues along comes the kind of bolt from the blue that good ideas thrive on for their verification. If you are familiar with this blog then you have probably come across various exchanges we have had with Museum Jorn in Denmark – the keepers of Asger Jorn’s collection and the tenders of his flame. Back in 2013 they asked us whether we intended doing anything to mark the 2014 Centenary celebrations of Jorn’s birth. We hadn’t – as it happened – but then again we figured there would be nothing lost if we proposed they host the first ever Three Sided Football World Cup – in Silkeborg (where they are based)  – in conjunction with the programme of events they had planned. Well its taken a couple of months for them to respond, but they have now got back to us to say they want to do it – and they have asked if we would like to organise it.


Game on – stay tuned.

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