Victoria Would

We have located a good pitch for this Saturday’s ‘Game in a wood’ (19th Oct). Its in the East side of Victoria Park, near the bandstand.
We will be kicking off at 12.00 noon and setting up the pitch from 11.00am. (if you are around and want to come and help out).
There are lots of stations on overground and underground circling the area but each leaves a fifteen minute walk to the pitch.
The 277 and 425 buses run from Mile End station up Grove Road (between East and West park). There is a bus stop at the location marked A on the map – which is closest to the pitch.
The game is going to be held on a pitch arranged around 9 mature plane trees, in an attempt to recreate the spirit of the game held at the famous Alytus Art Strike Biennale of 2009. We will be playing in conjunction with the 2013 Anarchist Bookfair (at Queen Mary’s in Mile End) and teams will be D3FC, Polsky Budowlancy and an Anarchists FC.


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