2013/2014 Season kicks off this weekend

The new season starts this Sunday 29th September, in conjunction with the Deptford X arts festival. Kick off is 2.00pm on the Deptford Green Hex in Fordham Park.

This year the regular Deptford League games will be played on the first Sunday of every month, running from Nov 3rd to Jun 1st 2014.

There will be a parallel series of ‘Performance Event’ games and multi team Rotorende throughout the year – some of which will attempt to recreate classic games from 3sf past.

The first, inspired by the game in a pine forest at the Altyus Art Strike Biennale in 2009, will hopefully be set amongst the mature trees of Southwark park on Oct 13th (stay tuned for confirmation).


We are also looking for a seriously undulating pitch in which to recreate the 1994 WNLA game played in Glasgow amongst the rolling dried out slurry dumps of the Dundas Hill Moonscape. Philosophy Football FC, who will hopefully be playing in our regular league games this season, have also challenged us to join them in a game played in the first deep snowfall to land on London this year.

Watch this space.


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