Istanbul Biennale

Philosophy Football FC, who we have played in a number of tournaments over the last year (Deptford X, 1st International, Plumstead Rotorende, The Jorn Memorial in Regents Park), have been invited to participate in a Three Sided Football match in Istanbul later this month. The match, being organised by InEnArt as part of the Istanbul Biennale of Art, will pit The Philosophers against Dynamo Windrad from Germany and Ayazma FC, a team of Turkish writers, artists and actors. As well as demonstrating an alternative forum for co-oporation and collaboration, the game is intended to convey solidarity with Istanbul’s creative community while they are experiencing severe restrictions on their freedom of expression and action during the recent government clampdown. Since the stalemate that resulted from the demonstrations this summer in Taksim Square concerning the proposed closure and development of Gezi Park, numerous protest actions have taken place in Istanbul to keep the flame of opposition alive and the game is intended to contribute to this programme of defiance.

In parallel with playing the game, Philosophy Football intend to use the occasion to launch a call for the formation of an International Three Sided Football Federation. As the game has grown over the last twenty years, and especially during its rapid expansion since 2010, it has become clear that many of the groups who have experimented with this expanded version of the beautiful game have developed their own rules and methods of organisation. While such disparity is in many ways complementary to the ethos of the game, the playing of matches between teams drawn from these different groups clearly requires a unification of the methods of play for their games to be compatible. The foundation of a Federation is intended to not only synthesise the various permutations and interpretations of the game into a unified structure, but to draw up a philosophical statement of intent, a declaration of the principles of collaboration and experimentation which lie at the heart of the game.

Philosophy Football have invited Mark from D3FC to play with them, as part of their team, during the match and to take part in the discussions surrounding the development of the Federation. The Biennale have agreed to host this conference as part as the parallel series of events coinciding with the main event at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and InEnArt have prepared this animated introduction to publicise the game.


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September 1, 2013 · 10:47 pm

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