4th May Tournament in Regents park. All Welcome

The Asger Jorn Memorial tournament will be held in Regents Park (by the hub) on Saturday 4th May at 11.00am

The tournament will be a six team Rotorende with two full spirals. Each spiral will be of six rotations of ten minutes each as follows:


We seem to have 6 teams confirmed (see below) though we will be integrating anyone who arrives on the day. All are welcome!

New Cross Irregulars
Polscy Budowlancy
Scottish Comedy FC
Philosophy FC (1)
Philosophy FC (2)

The pitch is just two minutes from the main sports Hub building. The nearest tube is Baker Street, which is a 15minute walk from the pitch. Parking is permitted on the Outer Circle (though its £5/hr). The No13 bus goes every 8 minutes from Aldwych, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly etc up to less than five minutes from the pitch.

Confirmed Regents Pitch

Teams will be allocated a position within the starting lexicon (eg A, B, C, D, E or F) by drawing letters from a bag.
Teams are five a side with fixed goalies.
Pitch is a 30m sided hexagon with three 12ft x 6ft goals
Standard corners and throw in rules apply
Penalties awarded for a foul by a defender within a D shaped hemisphere 10m radius from centre of the goal. Penalty awarded to the fouled player.
No offsides.

If we have enough additional players to form a seventh team we will extend the spiral by the additional rotation.

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