In the beginning…

After much searching, I have managed to unearth the original flyer from the inaugural Three Sided Football game held in Glasgow at Winterchool’94.
Organised by Richard Essex (Fabian Tompsett), the game took place on a very cold Glasgow Green with many of the players in no fit state to play. Needless to say, neither Fabian nor I can remember the scores.

glasgow flyer

Fabian’s nurturing of the game over the last two decades has been vital to its success today, and although Jorn may well have originally speculated upon the idea, the praxis of three sided football as a living critique of the “spectacle of non intervention” is really due to Fabian alone. Following the success of the Glasgow Green game Fabian was also instrumental in organising the game played during the Hackney Anarchist Week in 1996 (of which more later) and in aiding the AAA to integrate 3sf into their training programme for acclimatising themselves to a liberated life in zero gravity (to get used to thinking beyond two dimensions as there is no up or down in space).

As reports of these games slowly filtered through the internet the seed was sown.

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