Referee’s report. 1st International

The First Three-Sided Football International.
January 26, 2013 at Fordham Park, Deptford (Home of D3FC)

Teams sheets:
Scotland: Ally Clow. Thomas Reilly. David Bell, Stephen Nash, Matt Win, Ray Bradshaw
England: Matt Blair. Mark Dyson. Andrew Dennison, Martin Agombar, Jo Harrington, Owen Proctor-Jackson. Marco Dangelo (sub) used
Poland: Grzegorz Morgiel. Robert Morgiel, Alex Morgiel, Tomek Przybyla, Viktor, Shon Krasneci,
Referee Nebojsa Folic (Montenegro)

1st Rotation.
The weather is mild, the pitch soft and the sun is shining through patchy grey clouds. As the International kicks off a giant rainbow forms over Deptford.
Scotland’s Matt Winn scores against the early established alliance. Seemingly playing with Poles against England, Matt suddenly turns around and breaks free to score against Poland. Even his own teammates have been caught by surprise and some of them accompanied the goal with ‘Oh no! What have you done?’ rather than more common ‘Yesss!’.
Poland’s bad start gets worse after measured side kick by England’s Mark.
That’s more like it! Matt puts his goal scoring qualities to proper use and scores against England. Tartan Army in delirium!
First rotation finishes 0.2.1 (Scotland leading)
Scotland (Blue) Poland (Red) England (White)
First Rotation (20 mins)
against scorer
1 Matt (of Scotland)
1 Mark (of England)
1 Matt (of Scotland)


2nd Rotation
The second rotation sees some early substitutions. Alex Morgiel is forced off injured for Poland but the Poles have no substitutes. With England having Marco Dangelo (still waiting for the new passport) waiting on the bench and Mark Dyson being considered an honorary Pole through marriage, Marco now comes on to the field in an English jersey and Mark crosses over the field. While this is a bit unusual it is not unheard of in the animal kingdom. (here, we are redirecting you to BBC iplayer to watch the first programme on the Weird Behavior of Animals, where it talks about (male) angler-fish. Most interesting!)
From the whistle England come under the combined attack of Scotland and Poland. Despite some half chances against them, England’s defence is very comfortable in repelling these attacks.
Brilliant solo effort by Jo (of England). Jo disposed an attacking player and then ran whole length of one side beating two Polish players before scoring with a beautifully placed shot in the corner. Goal worth of Beckenbauer! (see link)
Kamikaze goal-keeping by Owen (of England). Instead of collected a cross, Owen decides to go for a punch but the ball goes back towards his own goal. England’s backs clear the danger. (Owen later pointed out that no goal was scored and we should not be talking about it.)
Oh dear. Another goal conceded by Poland. This time the scorer is Andrew (of England).
Scottish defence breached. Matt (of England) smashes home.
Poland’s Gregg takes revenge on Scotland and drives home.
Second Rotation ends 2.4.1 (England Leading)

Scotland (Blue) Poland (Red) England (White)
Second Rotation (20 mins)
against scorer
1 Jo (of England)
1 Andrew (of England)
1 Matt (of England)
1 Greg (of Poland)

3rd Rotation
The third rotation started with war cries from all three corners in an attempt to galvanise the troops! Scotland even entertained us with a song, almost like the Kiwi’s hakka.
Contrary to the previous two rotations and despite the fact that England was in the lead, the Poles decide to join England and a siege of the Scottish goal started. Several missed chances, goal post rebounds and some brilliant saves kept Scotland in the game until we witnessed the best moment of the game (and probably of the season).
Ray (of Scotland) had the ball around his goal. Nobody was challenging him, both Poland and England teams were mainly in their own thirds expecting Ray to bring the ball in the middle of the pitch. But Ray had other plans. He hoisted a 30-metre lob towards England’s goal (naturally) and caught both England’s goalie (and our cameraman) napping. His goal is an almost carbon-copy of Ronaldinho’s goal in the Brazil v. England game of the Japan/Korea World Cup. Fantastic!
Everybody in England team was still in shock when Stephen (of Scotland) broke free on England’s goal only to be rugby tackled by Matt (of England) leaving the referee no options but to give a penalty kick. Why the otherwise excellent referee did not send Matt off we will never know!
Ray-naldinho converted the penalty with great confidence sending the goalie the wrong way.
The rest of the game saw Scotland doggedly defending their slender lead and despite enormous effort by both the Poles and English the result did not change.

Scotland (Blue) Poland (Red) England (White)
Third Rotation (20 mins)
against scorer
1 Ray (of Scotland)
1 Ray (of Scotland)

Excellent game by all three teams, full of passion and good humour, some excellent skills.
Scotland are deserved winners. 2.3.4

The goals scored: England 4, Scotland 4 and Poland 1.
The man of the match: Raynaldinho.

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