2012/13. Game 3


A perfect endgame secures D3FC a 4.3.2 victory, piping NX to the honours in the final minute.

Yet another sunny day on the Deptford Green Hex. (well at least for part of the game). It has started to become a little perplexing that we have not had a single game in rain across the best part of nine months.

Three ten minute rotations at four a side got off to a cracking start last weekend. A goal against NX in the opening 15 seconds set the tone for a fast scoring start, reaching 2.1.0 in five minutes before the teams settled and the rotation closed with the score unchanged

Just as we witnessed in the last game, a new style of play was very much in operation. What was previously termed lonesome play is being combined with game orientated spontaneous alliance work to generate a very fluid operation. It is certainly the case that this game was played by more experienced players, and it could be that we are now operating with an instinctive knowledge of how ‘not to get caught out’, both positionally on the field and positionally within the scoring.

The second witnessed an almost immediate balancing. Having kept a clean sheet in the first, NX were now subject to the almost inevitable joint attack. As the first went flying past, momentum stayed with the alliance and it wasn’t long until it levelled at 2.2.2. With the understanding that entering the 3rd in the lead is tantamount to suicide (at least when playing a one-off game) the hesitation of anyone to pull away in the later part of the second is as understandable as it is frustrating. The advent of league play is now sorely anticipated.

With all the twos on the scoreboard the final rotation kicked off with an effective clean sheet. Now there was all to play for. Kitted out in yellow, the Poles decided on a brave three man attacking strategy to drive the play – relying on the outstanding talent of their new goalkeeper to thwart any counter-attack. Each time Red or Blue joined the drive however, the attack was repulsed or the shot saved.

Its funny how games turn but the speed with which the Poles were then suddenly hit by a five man spontaneous double bluff was as astonishing as was delightful to watch. The Yellow goalie stood no chance – and as we have seen so often – a successful alliance breeds its own momentum. Within another minute the Poles were suddenly 4.2.2 and, with only a minute or two to play, effectively out of the game.

As the score keeper shouted out the final minute warning the vital question was which side, if any, would Polscy join with. NX pushed forward an attack against D3FC, beseeching Yellow to pile forward with them. The shot was pushed wide. A corner floated in to the D then met by a perfect header – held by a crowded goalie. A long ball was then picked up by a Deptford forward sprinting for the NX goal. A mass of players streamed towards the outcoming goalie but a perfect chipped shot brought the game to a close. Another Blue victory. The co-incidences keep growing.

Today Deptford – tomorrow the world!

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