Despite the success of the Deptford X tournament, the post op dissection of the game(s) revealed a noticeable flaw in the unfolding of the events. Playing a full game (three rotations) in succession between four teams left the team playing the first three games but having to sit out the last in a difficult situation. For three whole rotations at the end of the game they would be at the mercy of events. And indeed Philosphy FC – who were the team placed in the situation having drawn the short straw – attested vigorously to this.

As we mulled over how the situation might be avoided, Fabian suggested that we turn our thoughts to the essence of the game – Jorn’s theory of complimentarity and the triolectical method at its heart. Blessed with the knowledge that comes from translating original texts from one language to another (see Open Creation and its Enemies), Fabian reminded us that the Triloectic is not a reverbarative process but a rotational one. Jorns over-riding motif for his conception of action was that of the spiral, of life and the transactions which define it as a circular process which turns and turns but which never (re)turns to its origin.

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The rotational aspect of three sided football, teams moving around the pitch over three periods rather than exchanging sides over two, is already demonstrative of this aspect of his thought. Fabian thus speculated upon the idea of a game in which the teams did not enter the field of play at the end of each full game, but after each rotation had been completed.

In such a scenario the first three teams (call them A B & C) would play one rotation. A would then jump out at the end of the first and D would enter the field. The second rotation would then be B C & D. If there were five teams, B would then leave at the end of the second and E would join for the third, playing against C & D.

This organisation of play would not only accommodate an ever increasing number of teams within a single game, but would eliminate the problematic of a team having to sit out an entire triple rotation as the remaining teams sought to gain an unfair advantage over them.

This suggestion was felt by all at the Post Op to be an excellent idea and one which should be put into practise as soon as possible. We have therefore been looking for an opportunity to do just that since the summer and I can now very happily report that this opportunity has arrived.

Owen Proctor-Jackson, who has been playing with NX Irregulars since the tournament, is one of the organisers of the Plumstead MakeMery and he has persuaded its management committee to include a 3SF tournament in the upcoming ‘Sporting Spectacular’ on Plumstead Common on Sunday 14th October.

The four teams who played the Deptford X tournament have agreed to take part and Owen is going to try his best to organise a Plumstead crew to make it a five team extravaganza.

In the meantime, we have been brainstorming ideas as to what such a game should be called and have settled upon the term Rotorende, which is Danish for rotational. There are lots of pleasant meanings within this – the allusion to the Danish origins of the game, the rotor like turning round of teams on the pitch from one goal to another and the end to end play which seems to form the basis of the game.

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