2012/13. Game 2

16.09.12. Three a side.

We have slowly started to understand the dynamic of the game, how the shifting allegiances can almost never be planned – but always begin and break up spontaneously, how a single game always tends to balance out the scores as the two ‘loosing’ teams join to attack the leading team, how it is very unwise to enter the third rotation in the lead as the momentum will be against you, how pretending to attack one team and then turning on the other team at the last minute (which we call switchbacking) can be good at the end of the game but not at the beginning.

We have also started to figure out that certain plays that work well in a three a side game don’t work so good for five or six a side games. Today was a case in point. The ‘Perpendicular pass’, a long ball play which we tried in the five a side scenario of the tournament (and didnt work very well), came into its own today with just the three of us. The goal defender (a mixture of goalkeeper and centre back) stays in the D and the forward runs straight up the field towards the flag in the middle of his front line (the sideline between the two opposing goals). The midfielder brings the ball out from the D along the line which the forward has just run, observing the reactions of the two opposing teams to the developing play. As the forward gets about five metres from the boundary, the midfielder selects an opposing goal to fire a long shot towards the zone between its far post and the corner flag. As soon as the ball is launched the forward then turns and runs to meet it, hopefully outflanking the outfield players of the selected opponent, and fires in a shot as soon as he reaches the D.

D3FC scored twice this way during the last rotation and it helped towards a 7.6.5 result with NewX the stragglers.

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