Game 4


A fast paced, three a side spectacular of end to end play resulted in a high scoring 8.8.7 blue victory on an overcast and rainy morning.

The first rotation saw the score unevenly weighted at 3.3.0 to an opportunistic yellow strategy of one permanent defender and two roaming midfielders assisting the attacking team from the two opponents.

As was only to be expected, the second rotation saw yellow come under a concerted attack as the red and blue teams tried to even the game. Their potent alliance not only levelled the scores but quickly saw a further two put through the yellow goal to place the early leaders at a 3.3.5 disadvantage.

The alliance was brought to a swift conclusion towards the end of the second however as a cheeky pair of bluffs saw blue turn on the red goal in the middle of play, assisted on the second attempt by a relieved yellow outfield, to end the rotation with a blue lead of 5.5.3.

The final third commenced with no effective pairings and an anarchic five minutes of end to end play and tired legs saw an incredible eight goals conceded across the board to bring the game to 8.8.5 with only five minutes to play.

Sensing looming blue victory, red and yellow joined together to focus their attention on a blue trio now tightly packed in their own goal mouth. Despite constant pressure and two scrambled goal-line efforts, the blue team held on to their lead to take the game.

This was by far the most fluid and graceful of our games to date. The three a side variant, despite taking its toll on unaccustomed legs in a 30m sided hexagon, seems to benefit from better communication, allowing all the team members to understand the strategy of the moment. Five and six a side games have yet to reach the level of team consciousness necessary to prevent multiple strategies and alliances occurring at the same time.

A four a side game seems to offer a tantalising balance between the pros and cons of our variants to date. Let the experiment continue.

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