Game 3

25.03 12

A host of new faces and balmy spring sunshine saw the third game of our three sided experiment finish 6 5 5.

With the blue team dominating early play to lead 3 2 0 an alliance between red and yellow quickly formed to claw back to 3 3 3 at the end of second rotation.

The arrival of fresh legged substitutes for both red and yellow saw the playing abilities of the three teams levelling out and alliances became hard to adhere.

The double bluff – which worked so well in the last game – was attempted on numerous occasions by all the teams. But with everyone being on guard for this type of play and with the inability of alliances to form and hold it failed to achieve the spectacular results of the previous game.

Tired legs and some excellent solo efforts from the various playmakers brought the game level again at 5 5 5 but with the minutes counting down to the end of the game a spontaneous unplanned fusion between red and yellow overwhelmed the blue goal.

With three games now completed an intriguing pattern has begun to emerge. A natural levelling tendency appears to exist in which, as one team begins to dominate, the other two naturally form alliances to bring the game back into balance. At no point has any merciless Darwinian tendency developed whereby two teams decide to monster the third and put a brace or two beyond them. But it’s still early days…..

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